3. I don’t even know where to start. Note that he has not been arrested and apparently no members have come forward to confess their affairs. Thus, this man is walking away after having spread AIDS throughout his congregation (alright, this is technically a projection. but you know none of these super conservative married people (i’m waiting to see if he only slept with women) went out and bought condoms before they cheated with their pastor. if he has AIDS it is extremely likely he has now spread it) AND stolen money from them. This is so fucked on so many levels.

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    In the 25 episodes of the original Scooby Doo, Where Are You? cartoon, our gang comes across four deserted mansions, two abandoned castles and an empty ski resort, amusement park, ghost town, mine, Hawaiian village, airfield and mill. And of the 27 villains the gang encounters, 23 are motivated by monetary gain via theft, smuggling or land speculation. The Mystery Machine crew isn’t running into domestic disputes or drug-related crimes. They are dealing exclusively with people who need money so badly that they voluntarily squat in the basements of abandoned houses for the off-chance of landing a paycheck. And if the villains don’t need money, they need work. The remaining four motives? Winning a dog show, getting an acting gig, revenge for getting fired and a hatred of robots.

    […] And Scooby-Doo villains are not run-of-the-mill criminals: They all have the uncanny ability to manufacture realistic monster costumes, project full-scale holograms and carve out high-tech hideouts in abandoned mineshafts. Many of them already had impressive vocational skills prior to their criminal lives — three of the villains were PhDs, two were lawyers, one had the ability to produce near-identical forged paintings, one could repair boats, one was a magician, one was a stuntman and one could hypnotize people.

    See that? That’s the educational system, art world, maritime engineering and entertainment industries — all in the toilet. Each of these villains showed creativity, intelligence, diligence and ambition. In our world, they would easily be employed, maybe even famous. But, in the universe of Scooby-Doo, it simply wasn’t enough. The Scooby gang ran into a new, desperate genius every single week for decades. Either brilliance is simply run-of-the-mill in their universe, or else the entire economy has collapsed, and what we’re witnessing is the death throes of society itself.

  6. mozzarella sticks + bob’s burgers

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    Views from 432 Park Avenue | Via

    Hey look at what only the 0.1% get to enjoy!

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  10. "In many cases, he found, white perceptions of racial disparities diverge far from reality.

    For instance, two-thirds of blacks think that African Americans earn make less money than whites, a view in line with official statistics. But just 37 percent of whites believe that blacks make less money than whites, and a narrow majority think black and white’ incomes are about the same. Also, although many objective health measures suggest blacks are in worse overall health than whites, a majority of whites think blacks and whites are equally healthy.”