1. Arkhip Kuindzhi, After a Rain c.1879

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    the truth is out there.

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    me irl

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  5. wendfarm said: Do you have any key texts for architectural theory & practice that you'd recommend to a non-expert?

    Sorry for the delay!  Here are 10 suggestions, in no particular order:

    Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and the Architecture of Decency - Dean¬†(Mockbee’s work in many ways can be interpreted as a fundamental critique to the state of the architectural/design industry - instead of flashy facades and overtly complex forms and styles you will instead find here a collection of buildings constructed with a high degree of care for the sole purpose of providing healthy, affordable, practical, and sustainable spaces)

    Thinking Architecture - Peter Zumthor (this is a collection of essays by the architect recording his opinions on the effects of well designed spaces and why they are meaningful)

    The Eyes of the Skin - Juhani Pallasmaa (establishes that vision is hegemonic in architectural design therefore the architectural community must further address the other senses)

    Questions of Perception: Phenomenology of Architecture - Steven Holl (addresses pretty much what the title says)

    Learning from Las Vegas - Venturi, Brown (las vegas as a case study of the rise of signs in the 20th century)

    In Praise of Shadows - Tanizaki (a non-designer discusses the subtleties and intimate nature of traditional japanese design)

    Studies in Tectonic Culture: The Poetics of Construction in 19th and 20th Century Architecture - Frampton (I’ve yet to read this but it’s a key text for one of my closest friends - you can’t talk about architecture seriously until you understand tectonics! this is actually the next book I intend to read)

    Life and Death of Great American Cities - Jane Jacobs (the key text I would suggest for addressing the design of cities and communities)

    Architecture of Happiness - Botton (I also haven’t read this but many of my friends recommend it as a great introductory text to architecture and the senses)

    The Image of the City - Lynch (a fascinating case study conducted in the 1960s recording how the citizens of Los Angeles, Jersey City, and Boston have developed a visual language to navigate and ‘read’ their cities, the principles derived from this study are applicable to all cities)

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  7. "Summer was getting ready to die, dozing away the days at the ending. The sun commenced to change from the white heat of life to a hazing of yeller and gold, blurring the afternoons and helping summer die. Getting ready, Granma said, for the big sleep."
    — The Education of Little Tree, Forrest Carter
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    Red House, Bexleyheath, London

    Philip Speakman Webb & William Morris

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  10. You know I was just on my way to the train headed to Sunday school and look at all these silly people I found, they were dancin’ and marchin’ and wavin’ those little rainbow flags, and it bein’ The Lord’s and all oh you know I just couldn’t help myself but join in! #happypride #pridenyc (at Pieces Bar)